Serviced Accommodation 5 Star Fundamentals – Dave Cordner

Jan 17, 2022

Serviced Accommodation 5 Star Fundamentals – Dave Cordner

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in serviced accommodation, Dave Cordner brings you the eye opening book – The Fundamentals of Serviced Accommodation.

The Game changing book that is being well received among those in the property market and those hoping to get their foot in the door, gives you a unique insight into the industry, with sections on dealing with property, people, promotion, processes and protection.


If your mind is churning information and you need a more guided approach to the industry, this book answers the following questions:

  • What type of property works best for serviced accommodation? Where is the best location? What finish is needed in a property?


  • How do you deal with guests? What sort of mindset do you need? How do you deal with complaints? How do you deal with the many demands and problems that crop up?


  • Where do you list properties? Where do you get bookings from? How do you generate direct bookings?


  • What systems do you need to make your business run like clockwork? How do you prevent it from taking over your life and swallowing every minute of your time?


  • How do you ensure that your property is safe from party bookings or dodgy guests who commonly use serviced accommodation for unpleasant and illegal purposes?


The book is available to buy on Amazon in Kindle or a Paperback version is also available and it will be a decision that changes your approach to the market as well as shaping your future success in the industry.

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