Airbnb Management Services

Jun 21, 2021

Airbnb Management Services

Serviced accommodation is thriving in Belfast with over 4.7 million visitors coming to the city each year. With a wide variety of top class attractions, stunning scenery, and quality restaurants Belfast has something to offer everyone. When it comes to booking accommodation these visitors will require different needs to make sure their trips are as enjoyable as possible. At Airbnb Management Services we have accommodation to suit all breaks away, including business travel, couples trips, family vacations and nights away with friends.

Getting started in serviced accommodation can be easy, however, this decision requires time, money, and lots of dedication. If you are interested in getting started in this industry but are struggling to find the time outside of your 9-5 job then Belfast Airbnb Management sounds like the perfect solution for you. We offer management services for property owners throughout Belfast and will help you to complete those time-consuming tasks while still making you a profit.

When you are planning on hosting your accommodation, choosing the perfect location is key. Belfast city is in high demand when planning a city break. It is clear that people don’t come here for the weather, but instead they want to dive deep into what the city has to offer. Let’s not forget the infamous Titanic, Game of Thrones, the easy access to the stunning North Coast and our famous culture. Our team has years of experience in servicing accommodation across Belfast that suits all types of guests and getaways. Belfast tourism is growing from strength to strength, so why include your property as part of this?

There are lots to consider before opening your accommodation to guests, from processing bookings and choosing nightly rates to organising cleaners and how you will communicate with potential bookers. We offer bespoke solutions to suit the day-to-day running of your accommodation. This includes check-in services, key holding service, rate management, booking management, and full property management.

Knowing where to promote your property can be overwhelming and there is a worry that you won’t get the profit you expected. At Belfast Airbnb Management we will help to lift these worries off your shoulders by listing your property on a range of booking sites, including Airbnb, Expedia,, Trivago and so much more. Our experienced team will visit your property and take professional photos of your property. This will help to show off the full potential of your property and stand out for those who are interested in visiting Belfast.

For property owners, it is a worry that guests will party in your accommodation and that the inside will be left a mess for cleaners. However, with Central Belfast Apartments you don’t have to worry about this. Our team will meet guests on arrival to ensure that there are no stags, hens, or that no large groups will be staying at your property without you knowing about it. Cleaning is organised in house, where we employ our own team of professionals. This ensures that the best people are working in your property and that each room will be left spotless and will be ready for the next guests.

Owning a property can be unpredictable and home appliances can break when you least expect it. If guests are experiencing maintenance issues within your accommodation, from the boiler stopping to a leak in the shower, our team will make sure that these issues are taken care of as quickly as possible. This means that you can continue throughout your working day without the added stress of calling a maintenance team to call out to your property.

Serviced accommodation is a great way of earning an extra income that will help to pay for your property. Although it can be off-putting as it is seen as a daunting venture, it doesn’t have to be. Belfast Airbnb Management helps you to run a hassle-free business that works alongside you and your busy lifestyle without causing extra stress. Our properties stand out from other services accommodation management companies in terms of customer satisfaction, quality and providing bespoke solutions.

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